Why attitude is important

Writen by Gian Carlo Binti
07 September 2017

Why my attitude is so important? Well because it affects my actions which are behaviours and words. If I am pessimistic or have negative attitude, it will be expressed in negative words and behaviour. Although the reality is that I may not be able to control my environment or the situation or difficulties I am facing; but it is crucial to understand that our response to that will determine our well-being and success in the future. I need to realize that I am responsible for what I do within my environment, and that my attitude will greatly influence my behaviour.

What does a good attitude look like?

  • First and foremost an attitude of gratitude is crucial. To be thankful in all circumstances.
  • Be joyful in the small things you do. This also means that doing all things without complaining and arguing. Tips: Many researcher advices that the most effective approach to achieve big objective are to categorize them into small actionable task.
  • Develop Grit. Angela Duckworth’s book called Grit provides very lucid and informative research that there is power in passion and perseverance.

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